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Hong Kong Digital Vision: Anti-Animal Abuse March :: Photoblog in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Digital Vision :: Photoblog in Hong Kong

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Anti-Animal Abuse March

Date: 8 January, 2006
Time: 14:00
Event: 1.08 Respect for Life and Anti-Animal Abuse March (1.08尊重生命及反虐殺動物大遊行)
Route: Walk from Chater Garden to Central Government Office

About 5,000 pet lovers join the march demanding Hong Kong Police and Government pay more attention for raising animal cruelty cases appear recently.

I invited by Animal without Tears founder, Ms. Annie Au, to join the march and record down the details.

From Left: Ar Shan, La La, Annie Au (Animal without Tears founder), Polly Law and her husband Justin.

Why the Hong Kong police and Government react so SLOW for animal abuse issue? Do they think it is just a small issue?

Beside normal person, televison actress Alvina Kong Yan-Yin (江欣燕) and her sister Liz Kong Hei-Man(江希文) also join the march.

... I know.. I know... not all people concern this matter much ....

Pet lovers waiting outside Jackson Road, Legislative Council (Former Supreme Court Building), Central.

March Slogan No Abuse! Respect Life! All Animals are Equal!

TVB News reporter interview two protesters who bring along with their dog.
Report: "The Pets cannot answer my question, so I ask the their owner...."

Beside dog, someone bring with his lovely cat. Meow....

Location: Bank Street (銀行街) , Central
Another Animal without Tears Team Leader - Ms. Da Da Wong (black dress in front)

Location: Queen's Road Central (皇后大道中 ), Central

Location: in front of Central Goverment Offices (West Wing), Ice House
Please turn Left...

Location: Battery Path(炮台里 ), Central

We finally arrival Central Goverment Offices (Main Wing).
Can you count how many people over there?
I am not sure if the man standing at the second rows, right one is William Hung (孔慶翔) or not.

From Left: Ms. Choy So-yuk (蔡素玉) : Hong Kong Legislative Council member, Mr. Wong Kwok-hing (王國興) : Hong Kong Legislative Council member, Mr. David Wong Kai-yan (黃繼仁) Animal Earth founder

Mr. David Wong said, " The amis of today march is ...
1. To demand through investigation by relevant departments to arrest the culprit.
2. To urge Government to increase penalty to protect animal rights.
3. To arouse public concern on the series of animal abuse and brutality cases.

Lee San-San (李珊珊), Miss Hong Kong 1996, was shocked to heard more kitten victim.

Open Letter to Hong Kong Chief Executive

Lee San-San (李珊珊) with her cat?

Hey... can you found all the team members from the crown?

Tie the yellow ribbon at the gate to remind the Government.

Also for the posters...

Serial Cat Abuser's Victum: Chop Chop (Front) and the first victim - Sylvia

Question: Do you know who is the owner of this cat?

Answer: Roadshow host Viann Leung Wai-ka (梁慧嘉)

David Wong Kai-yan (黃繼仁) interview by reporters

... do you think it is little late...

End of the March.

Meida Report

9 January, 2006 am730 Newspaper, you can see our team members behind.

8 January, 2006 TVB News show our team posters

Graphic Design

Most of the posters was designed by Annie Au and Da Da.
Below is the full gallery for the march

Animal Without Tears (不流淚的動物)Team Logo
Slogan: Stop Animal Cruelty! 停止殘害動物!

Big size Dog Tag for Team members
Say Stop! Because They Can't
代它說"", 因它有口難言

Cat and Dogs Paper Mask

Stop! Hong Kong Animal Cruelty

Say " Stop", because I Can't

Our lives begin to end the day we became silent about things THAT matter!

We are Animal! Respect ourselves! Respect Live!
我們都是動物! 尊重自己! 尊重生命!


Punishing Animal Cruelty

Stop Hong Kong Animal Cruelty!

Stop Animal Cruelty... Now!

Say "Stop" because they Can't
Animal are not for your Entertainment! Please Respect Live!
! 請尊重生命!

Animal Without Tears
Stop Hong Kong Anmial Cruelty

Wang~ Wang~ Stop Animal Abuse!
~ ~ 停止虐待動物!

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