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Hong Kong Digital Vision: Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival :: Photoblog in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Digital Vision :: Photoblog in Hong Kong

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival

Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival (梅窩洪聖誕節)

Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival (梅窩洪聖誕節)

Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival (梅窩洪聖誕節)

Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival (梅窩洪聖誕節)

Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival (梅窩洪聖誕節)

Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival (梅窩洪聖誕節)
The Opening Ceremony – Raising Hung Ming Lantern

Equipment: Canon 30D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
Event: Mui Wo Hung Shing Festival (梅窩洪聖誕節)
Place: Mui Wo, Lantau Island (大嶼山梅窩)
Date: 30 March - 9 April, 2007

Hung Shing Festival (洪聖誕節) commemorates the birthday of Hung Shing Tai Wong (洪聖大王) (The Deity of Hung Shing). Hung Shing and Tin Hau were both god and goddess of the seas, and the fishermen of the South China coast worshipped them devoutly. According to legend, the Deity Hung Shing, also known as Hung Hei, was a governor of Panyu during Tang Dynasty. He was knowledgeable in astronomy and geography, and he had provided valuable assistance to traders and fishermen. Unfortunately, he passed away at a young age. In order to commemorate him and to ask for his blessing, fishermen along the coast built temples to worship him. The Tang Dynasty Emperor bestowed upon him the posthumous title of “Kwong Lee Hung Shing Tai Wong” (The Deity Hung Shing), and named the 13th day of the second lunar month the birthday of Deity Hung Shing. Since then, worshippers of Hung Shing go to Hung Shing temple praying and asking for blessings. The celebration of Hung Shing’s birthday has become a well-known festival.

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