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Hong Kong Digital Vision: Request Judicial Review for Animal Abuse case :: Photoblog in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Digital Vision :: Photoblog in Hong Kong

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Request Judicial Review for Animal Abuse case

Location: Outside Hong Kong High Court (Google Map)
Time: 3 June, 2006 15:00
Event: Request Judicial Review for Animal Abuse Case

No more television actress, or Legislative Council members, but still have around 60 Hong Kong pet lovers bring alone with their pets assemble outside the Hong Kong High Court request Hong Kong Secretary for Justice, Mr. Wong Yau Lung , SC (黃仁龍), for Judicial Review or appeal for animal abuse case happened on 22 March, 2006.

Lai Cheong (黎昌) (Photo from Apple Daily Newsapaer) , 83 year old was just fined only HK$500 in Fanling Court at 24 May 2006. He entered his neighbor's house in Shataukok Road, Fanling ( 粉嶺 沙頭角道23號 軍地東村23號) on 22 March, 2006 and beat the Mike, 8 year old cocker spaniel ( 曲架犬), by 40 inches long wooden stick which claimed because it produce too much noise. Lai pleaded guilty. However Principal Magistrate Andrew Ma Hon-cheung (主任裁判官 馬漢璋) said Lai had committed a serious offence and would have been jailed but for his age.

The Chief Officer of Animal Earth, David Wong (黃繼仁) says the number of animal abuse cases is growing. And he urged the Government to revise existing laws and send abuse culprits to jail.

Mike, 8 year old cocker spaniel ( 曲架犬), which was serious wounded by it's neighbor Lai Cheong (黎昌) . More photos after the attack here.

Slogan: HK$500, The Price of life! Please Respect Life.!

Mike now well recover.
Slogan: If you don't beat me, I will hand you HK$500 dollars.

Animal without Tears Team Leader - Ms. Da Da Wong on behalf on Annie Au sign the Petition Letter.

Mike Owner, Rachel Hon Pui-ki (韓佩琪) (Left), The Chief Officer of Animal Earth, David Wong (黃繼仁) (Right)

Around 60 Hong Kong pet lovers assemble outside the Hong Kong High Court

Beside 30 dogs, 3 cats, there is one parrot participated.

It's a shame on Hong Kong Government not willing to receive the Petition Letter.

TVB 6:30 News Report (Cantonese Only), view here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Animals are badly treated everywhere, specially in the business of producing fur. Videos in the site show that animals are even skinned alive!! This is more then a torture i would say.

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Mon Jun 05, 08:14:00 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's just f*ing ridiculous! Sights like that make me sick...

Mon Jun 19, 10:08:00 PM GMT+8  

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