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Hong Kong Digital Vision: Hong Kong Anti-Japan March :: Photoblog in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Digital Vision :: Photoblog in Hong Kong

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hong Kong Anti-Japan March

About 12,000 Hong Kong people marching from Victoria Park to the Central Government Offices, to protest against Japan approved a textbook that critics say glosses over the brutal Japanese occupation of China from 1931 to 1945, including the Nanjing massacre of 1937.

They also oppose Japan's bid to become a permanent member of the UN security council, as well as its occupation of the Diaoyu Islands.

Location: Victoria Park

Protester carry his banner with strong anti-Japan slogan waiting for the march to start

Location: Victoria Park

This protester seems coming from China, becuase the anti-Japn slogan was written in Simplified Chinese.

Location: Victoria Park

Mao Zedong Alive!?

Location: Victoria Park

This young protester carry an White Carrot which represent Japanese.

Location: Victoria Park

Start marching at around 15:30

Location: Sugar Street, Causeway Bay

Who say Hong Kong teenager did not love their home country?

Location: Jumbo Sogo, Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

Unlike other China city, Hong Kong protester stay calm when they past dapertment store which mainly sell Japanese goods.

Location: Jumbo Sogo, Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

One of the protester show the chinese history book which show the horriable photo shooting during Nanjing massacre.

Location: Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

Police feel like very relax

Location: Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

Parents like marching with their kids for education purpose...

Location: Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

... but do they rally know what is the actual meaning?

Location: Canal Road West, Wanchai

Long Hair asked for donation for buying ship to Diaoyu Islands

Location: Hennessy Road, Admiralty

Nothing happen when passing Yoshinoya which is an Japanese restaurant.

Location: Near Bank of China Tower

Location: Near HSBC HQ

An woman? destorying an China flag!

Location: Central Government Office

It strange that the final destination is Central Government Office instead of Japanese consulate

Location: Central Government Office

Szeto Wah (left) was booed when he refrred to 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre

Location: Central Government Office

Effigy of Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi was bured.

Reporter keep asking Mr. Szeto Wah why he got booed.

Hong kong Police?? recive letter from one of the Protester

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